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Beware of Misdiagnosis!

Posted on May 16, 2011 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (3)
Beware of Misdiagnosis!
Just a quick blog post to raise awareness of the consequences of receiving a misdiagnosis for a musculoskeletal injury. A musculoskeletal injury is an injury to either muscle, bone, ligament, tendon or fascia and includes strains and sprains. Recently I have treated a growing number of injuries that have come to me about 8 weeks from the point of injury. Clients have often not considered they may have torn a muscle as the symptoms such as severe bruising, loss of movement and high pain can mirror those of other problems.
Not seeking treatment within the first week of injury can delay the healing process. Often the body will eventually fix the problem and the pain and other symptoms will cease. What gets forgotten is that when a musculoskeletal injury heals and usually leaves behind it a certain amount of scar tissue. This is a substance that is much less elastic than muscle, tendon or ligament and therefore, if left alone will leave the area much more prone to re-injury as it cannot withstand the same forces as muscle, tendon or ligament. There are several modalities than can help with removing scar tissue. Massage is the most useful but acupuncture used in conjunction with massage is particularly good for chronic cases. 
Also necessary for a musculoskeletal injury to heal properly is weight bearing, functional exercises. This can be as simple as stretching or more specific strengthening or proprioceptive exercises may be prescribed depending on the injury. Every injury is different and it is important to remember most cannot heal without force being put through the area so rest is not always the best course of action.
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