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Sports Therapy and Physiotherapy

At LD Sports Therapy we offer treatments from Sports Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists and Physiotherapists. We see a mix of weekend sports warriors, to gardeners, walkers and occupational problems such as from electricians and plumbers.

Our physiotherapists are covered by the HCPC and most insurance companies. Our Sports Therapists are covered by some insurers and most cash payment plans.

The difference between a Sports Therapists and Physiotherapist in in the degree training, Sports Therapists learn their skills based on athletes and the sports world but apply this to non athletes seamlessly. Physiotherapists study more broadly such as cardiac, stroke rehab then later specialise into their chosen area - in our physiotherapist's cases musculoskeletal (MSK) physiotherapy.

More About Sports Therapy

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is specifically concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of your injury and getting you back to full functional, occupational and sports specific fitness, regardless of age and ability; in the safest, shortest possible time.

It uses the principles of sport and exercise sciences incorporating physiological and pathological processes to prepare you for training, competition and where applicable, work. It is the treatment and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal injuries ranging from muscle strains to fracture rehabilitation.

What are the benefits of a Sports Massage?

Relieves muscle tension and soreness

Prevents injuries

Increases muscle flexibility and range of movement

Re-energises and strengthens your body’s own healing

Speeds up recovery and improves performance

Shortens recovery time between workouts

Provides healthy stress relief, relaxing both the body and mind

Who is suitable for Sports Therapy and a Sports Massage?

Anyone of any age, who takes part in any kind of activity for leisure, pleasure or sport

Anyone suffering from muscle tension for example due to stress

Anyone with a new or long standing injury that is affecting daily life or sporting performance

Maintaining Fitness and Injury Prevention

Stiff muscles, aching joints and general soreness are all common after effects of training. If ignored, further training can cause minor damage which leads to injury and all of these effects stop you from training the way you want to. These hinder you physically, and mentally drain you. Very quickly you find yourself finding reasons not to train or not to train properly.

An injury is not necessary to visit LD Sports Therapy. Injury Prevention is one of the fastest growing areas of research within this field. It is something LD Sports Therapy believes can hugely benefit older athletes who are still competing at any level of sport and exercise.

Sports massage is an effective way of maintaining muscle flexibility and muscle condition which helps prevent muscle strains. It can also treat those "niggles" before they become full blown injuries. A Sports Therapist may also identify weaker areas that could benefit from strengthening exercises and thus prevent an injury.

To discuss your sport and exercise regime and how treatment at LD Sports Therapy could help you, contact Laura via her contact page.

One of our patients being lectured on the

importance of stretching!